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Makes 4 appetizers

4 one-ounce pieces of beef tenderloin
1/2 poblano chile
1/2 red bell pepper

Use a tenderizing hammer or mallet to pound the tenderloin pieces into a uniform thickness. Set aside. Remove the seeds from the peppers, julienne, and lightly saute in olive oil. Let cool. Wrap the peppers in the beef and secure with a toothpick. Pan saute over medium heat until thor­oughly cooked. Salt and pepper to taste.

Have fun experimenting with different dipping sauces. I especially like serving bearnaise sauce or a chipotle aioli with this appetizer.

Chef Oscar Says …

“You can purchase 4 ounces of tenderloin and carve it into I-ounce slices to make this appetizer. But if you like beef as much as I do, consider buying a whole tenderloin and using the small pieces that are left after slicing it into steaks, etc. Home chefs can find whole tenderloins at a good value in membership clubs such as Costco or Sam’s. Purchase a whole beef tenderloin and you can slice steaks, prepare medallions or small roasts and, of course, Tenderloin Chile Wraps! Make a great dinner and freeze the rest for future meals.”